My Town Montclair Village Book Author

Picture for About the AuthorMy Town Montclair Village Book Author, Reenie Raschke, has been running a photography studio in Montclair Village for about sixteen years. A total fixture in the community, she decided she would bring her tool out of the studio and document some of the people that she considers familiar to her heart.

Like Anna Deveare Smith, Reenie gives voice and vision to her people. “I asked my breakfast waiter how long he’d been there, to which he said, twenty five years. How long, he asked, have you been coming here? After twenty three years of just a friendly smile, we finally sat down to talk.”

I watch the kids grow like wildfire here, wishing nothing could harm or change my little Camelot. Things do, as things will. I created this documentation of today for us to have tomorrow, so we can remember.